Interested In Body Piercings? Check Some Relevant Aspects Here!

Not many people have piercings, but if you want to get one, it’s important to do some initial research. In many ways, body piercings, regardless of where you want to get it done, is as personal as tattoos. The reasons could be cosmetic, or something close to your heart, but just like tattoos, you need to find the right expert to get it done. Finding a piercing shop at River Hills Mall doesn’t have to be hard, and in this post, we are sharing some quick things that are worth knowing about body piercings.

  • Expertise matters. Like we just mentioned, don’t choose any random person to get your body pierced. Professional piercing artists can guide you on the procedure, offer genuine advice on how to take care of your piercing better, and ensure precision in the work. There are certain risks with most kinds of body piercings – scarring, inaccurate piercing, inflammation, infection, which can be minimized by working with a professional artist.
  • Some piercings may take longer to heal. Certain parts of your body are more vulnerable to infections and may take longer to heal following a piercing. For instance, earlobes and lips have great blood flow, so the healing time required is much lesser. The outer ear may take much longer to heal. Nothing to worry on that front, as long as you are practicing the hygiene protocols suggested by your piercing artist.

  • You need to take care of your piercing for the next two to three weeks. That’s right. Your body naturally takes the piercing as an injury, so the healing process starts right away. Make sure that you keep the piercing clean, like your artist may have suggested, and always use the recommended product. In most cases, basic sterile wound wash liquids are enough, but do not overclean your piercing. Just cleaning the area once or twice a day is enough. DO NOT use any cream, or natural ingredients like turmeric that many online experts may recommend.
  • Watch out for metals. Ask the piercing artist about the metal that they are using. It has to be something like surgical grade stainless steel, or gold, if you can afford it. At least 18k purity gold is required for piercings, while titanium is also a great choice. Avoid any earning or piercing product that contains nickel, as you could be allergic to it.

Check and visit a piercing shop near you today!

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