How to Authenticate Silver Jewelry – Four Ways to Confirm

Silver jewelry is readily available at wholesale prices from a number of different stores. If you are living in a major city like Bangkok, you can easily buy silver jewelry from a number of different retailers. If you are interested in buying silver jewelry, you need to make sure that you buy it at the right price. Since most people usually buy silver jewelry to keep as an investment and sell off later, you should make sure that you authenticate it first and foremost. Here are four ways to authenticate silver jewelry.

  1. Check the Labels

Arguably, the easiest way to determine whether you are using authentic silver jewelry or not is to check the label. If there is a label on the jewelry that says “sterling” or even “ster,” it indicates that you are using authentic silver jewelry. For instance, sterling silver is the purest form of silver available; it includes 92.5% silver. Another symbol commonly used is the “IS,” which indicates the purity of the silver. Checking the stamps is the simplest way to determine whether you have pure silver jewelry.

  1. Check with a Private Lab

Another thing that you can do is check with a private lab that offers authentication services for precious metals. If you are interested in buying silver bracelet wholesale for affordable prices, you should definitely consider authenticating it first. You can approach an independent lab and they are going to run tests on the silver jewelry to determine the purity of the metal and let you know whether the bracelet includes the right amount of silver or not.

  1. The Bleach Test

If you want to run a test on your own, the bleach test is a fantastic choice. Bleach can be used to check whether the metal is pure silver or not. Just pour a drop or two of bleach on the silver metal, and see if it develops a tarnish, like the one that occurs when chemicals oxidize. In most cases, real silver usually turns black when it is exposed to bleach.

  1. Ringing Test

The ring test is another common test that can be used to authenticate silver jewelry. Pure silver generally makes a strong ringing sound when it is rubbed with another metallic product. You can try this method to check whether the silver jewelry you are using is authentic or not.

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